You’re kidding…the BBC is really open???

You’re kidding…the BBC is really open???


WOW! We were overwhelmed this week upon finally opening our doors. The air-conditioning worked, the roof didn’t leak and people showed up…more than we ever imagined. Thanks to all of you who braved the opening days of a new bakery. To those of you who had less than a stellar experience, I can assure you we have been tweaking the menu, breads, kitchen set up and staffing. Come back this week and you will see a smoother operation. To those of you who had a wonderful experience we won’t change a thing!

I have many fleeting memories of the week, although many have also vanished from my mind from simple exhaustion. There was the fancy internet cash register we bought that kept losing its internet connection causing the lines to back up out the door and then causing the kitchen to get slammed with orders when it came back up. There was Deborah in a panic when the coffee grinder stopped working midday. The repair guy rushed down from Charleston and quickly found the cover to the Espresso thermometer we had misplaced…lodged in the grinder! And I remember looking out the bread room window and seeing the place packed with neighbors and friends and thinking…maybe this really will become the little neighborhood bakery we have dreamed of!  And the memories of that contractor are already beginning to fade!

We are starting over again today and look forward to seeing you this week. For now we will be serving breakfast 7-11 and Lunch from 11:30-2:30. At least that’s the plan. We are learning to be more flexible in our planning because our 2 years of planning has clearly shown us that things rarely go according to plan. And that’s what makes it so much fun.

Rick & Deb